2017-18 Signage Rights Silent Auction

Weigh Shed,  Race Tower,   Bill Board,  Flag Points.


Last year we held a very successful silent auction for the rights to display your signage.  These rights expire at this year’s AGM.  We will be running another silent auction for these prestigious advertising points for the rights to display your advertising until the 2018 AGM.  The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank last year’s sponsors for their support


Download bidding form here


What bang do I get for my buck?

This is up to each sponsor.  The club makes the space won available for the sponsor to erect signage that has been Committee approved.  In essence the sponsor is buying a licence to occupy the space.  Any costs associated with the manufacture, erection and maintenance of the signage is the sponsor’s responsibility.  The approval by the Committee is effectively a rubber stamping process, unless the proposed signage could pose a danger in any regard, and or potentially be offensive.  As an extra sweetener each winner will get a link from a sponsors’ page (yet to be created) on the club’s website.


What sponsorship signage positions are up for grabs?

·         The Race Tower (currently “Giltrap Prestige”)


·         The Weigh Shed (used to be “Evans Panel Beating”) 

Weigh Shed.jpg

·         The Bill Board (Currently RPC Logistics)


·         Flag Point 1 (used to be TAMAKI ITM)


·         Flag Point 2 (used to be RPC Logistics)

Flag 2.jpg

·         Flag Point 3 (used to be PCI Electrical Group)


·         Flag Point 4 (used to be EzyDriver)


·         Flag Point 5 (used to be Stainless Welding)



How is it going to work?

It’s simple!  You are going to tell us what it is worth for you to have the rights to occupy the space until the 2018 AGM.  We will achieve this by running a silent auction.  There will be three auctions. 

Auction 1 is for the flag points with the highest bidder getting the first pick of any one of the five flag points with the fifth highest bidder getting the remaining flag point.

Auction 2 is for the track Bill Board (approximately 3.6 meters X 1.2 meters). Highest bidder wins

Auction 3 is for the Weigh Shed & Race Tower.  It is envisaged that these will be worth much more than the flag points so some extra rules will apply.  The highest bidder gets to choose either the Weigh Shed or the Race Tower for their signage.  The next highest bidder is then offered whatever the highest bidder did not choose.  If say their heart was set on the Weigh Shed and they missed out and do not want the Race Tower then they don’t have to take it.  It then it gets offered to the next bidder and so on.  The last thing we want is someone being forced to commit to a spot that they don’t want.  Likewise if someone bids on both auctions and wins both, then they will only be committing to the highest value auction should they not want both spaces.


How and who is keeping this kosher?

Yours truly, our current president, Mr Danny Gelb & Mat Coleman will be acting as the returning officers for this fund raiser event.  Accordingly neither of them will be bidding for any of these spots.  Bids will only be accepted on the enclosed form that needs to be in the hands, letterbox (6 Tautari St, Orakei) or scanned and emailed to the President’s inbox (president@ksmw.org.nz) by Thursday 4 May 2017, time being of the essence.  All details of the bids will be kept confidential at all times unless the box is ticked on the form that gives us permission to disclose your bid price after the auction process has closed.


Download bidding form here


Happy Bidding



Danny Gelb &

Mat Coleman



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